RedRay Player For Music Video and Commercial Directors

Red just announced their 4k RedRay cinema player.

It allows you to play back your footage to your audience at HD, 3D and 4k and all for less then $1500 (pre-order price)

This is not only big news for independent and large theatre chains, but it’s also a pivotal moment for boutique agencies and their music video and commercial directors.

I know – as all music video directors in Toronto tell me – music videos will be shown at 1080p. But when your shooting at 4k you don’t do justice to the images until you’ve seen it at 4k.

The larger agencies I know have screening rooms and they do their first screening from a projection. Thus, showing the client the highest quality possible.

Now Red has two of the pieces in place – the camera and the player. The missing piece is the Red Laser Projector.

You can hook up the Red Ray to a 4k monitor but the current ones in the market, like the Sony XBR, is going for $24,000 (a little over the budget for most music video and commerical directors that I know of)

If Red can introduce a Red Projector, that means that Red will be providing a complete cinema ecosystem – not only will this take Red from a camera company to an electronic company – but it will cement their position in the cinema world.

But more importantly it will allow music video and commercial directors to shoot and show their content in all its glory.