Online And Cloud Video Editing

Above is a video that I recently shot and edited. While in the editing stages, I got called on for a few projects and found myself unable to go into the office to edit. Now, while on set, waiting between setups, I was wishing that I had access to my edit so I could work on it while waiting. But that wasn’t possible as I was on set and my computer and hardrive where all back in the office miles away.

I thought to myself numerous times, wouldn’t it be cool if I could access my files anywhere, anytime, like I do my word documents, or emails… and then…

I saw a talk the other day on TED ( #TED) about a novel tool that allows you to edit video online and on-the-fly.

This online tool is called Popcorn Maker and is being introduced by Mozzila, the makers of FireFox browser.

Now with Popcorn Maker you can’t “edit” footage in the same sense that you can on Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro. Currently Popcorn Maker has a time line with layers, a source monitor and a media bin, in other words it has basic rudimentary functions. But those functions are to enhance or as Popcorn Maker calls it, to “remix” pre-existing videos.

Enhancing or remixing videos essentially means you can add interactive text, links and other images onto the existing video. This is a good start. But Popcorn Maker got me thinking. What is the future like for online exiting. And how can music video and commercial directors take advantage of this new technology.

Like many music video and commercial directors here in Toronto, I think online editing is where the future is heading. And this is why.

Recently Adobe introduced Adobe Anywhere ( How it works is that you upload your footage to their servers and that footage is available to you at anytime on any machine. More importantly you don’t have to worry about codec and playback issues. Adobe takes care of that for you. All you have to do is open up Premiere Pro and start cutting.

The only issue is that although your footage is in the clouds your software isn’t. With Adobe Anywhere you still need to install a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro onto each computer your using in order to edit your footage.

A real breakthrough would be if you had a if you could mesh together Adobe’s anywhere with an actual online editor.

This feature has been around for photo editors for along time. Here is a good example:

Pixlr is essentially photoshop in the clouds. Toronto Music Video and commercial directors need the same thing for video editing.

Imagine the possibilities. You can use a cheap $250 laptop to edit 4k Red Epic Footage. You wouldn’t have to worry about software upgrades. You wouldn’t have to worry about the latest and greatest new tech (although like most gear heads I’m sure you still will), because the cloud would take care of that.

In Toronto, I collaborate with a lot of music video and commercial directors. And a cloud based video editor would be a dream. You wouldn’t have to worry about having the same software or codec installed, or lugging hard drives back and forth. Each member of the the team would have a log in and a color code showing who edited last.

In 2013, Adobe will be releasing Adobe Anywhere to the mass. This is a great first step. But hopefully down the road a full online editing software and storage solution will be presented.
Manee Osman

Toronto Music Video and Commercial Director